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Monday, May 10, 2004

New Entry Test.
Block Quote

Will there be comments?
So the comment function is a littel strange, but wow, Blogger has comments.
I've been dying to know, what do you think of the new blogger layout? I'm having mixed feelings about it, and I just wanted to hear your view on the subject.

Kelly Keevan :-)

PS Is there any way you can e-mail me with feedback from the last two assignments please?
Send me an email, and I'll be happy to offer some comments (I assume you mean the group project and your individual blog?).

I like that Blogger now offers free comments. If I require students to set up blogs again (not an absolute certainty), having comments already installed will make life easier. It's a little annoying that you can't see the entry you're commenting on (unless you open it in a new window). I'd also like to see "trackback," which both Moveable Type and Haloscan offer. In some ways, I think the interface seems a little too simplistic. I'd encourage Blogger to trust their users with a larger menu of functions. Overall, though, I really do appreciate what they've done. What do you think?
Also just noticed that there's not a user-friendly way to get back to the main page once you've posted a comment. I could probably fix that myself pretty easily, though.
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